Manitoba History: Number 43, Spring/Summer 2002

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Grandview Hockey Team, 1907-1908

Source: Archives of Manitoba

An Immense Hold in the Public Estimation: The First Quarter Century of Hockey in Manitoba, 1886-1911
by Morris Mott

On Stage: Theatre and Theatres in Early Winnipeg
by James B. Hartman

The Biggest Day Winnipeg Has Ever Seen: The Northwest Field Force Returns From the Front
by Jack Dunn

Joe Paddock, Keeper of the Wild: The Life of Ernest Oberholtzer
by Graham A. MacDonald

Catherine A. Cavanaugh and Randi R. Warne (editors),Telling Tales: Essays in Western Womens History
Orpha E. Galloway (editor), Women of the War Years: Stories of Determination and Indomitable Courage.
Extraordinary Ordinary Women: Manitoba Women and Their Stories
by Esyllt Jones

Donna McDonald, Lord Strathcona: A Biography of Donald Alexander Smith
by Anne Morton

Maureen K. Lux, Medicine that Walks: Disease, Medicine and Canadian Plains Native People, 1880-1940
by Paul Hackett

Robert A. Wardhaugh, Mackenzie King and the Prairie West
by Henry Trachtenberg


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