Manitoba History: Number 25, Spring 1993

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Aberdeen Hotel (July 1992)

Source: Ron Drewniak

A Leap in the Dark: The Transition from Film Censorship to Classification in Manitoba, 1970-72 by James M. Skinner

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures in Winnipeg by Michael W. Homer

Churchill Chapter, 1931 by Andrew Taylor

Emma Goldman in Winnipeg by Martin Zeilig

The Crafts Guild of Manitoba Celebrates Sixty-five Years by Dot From

“Valiant Servants”: Women and Technology on the Canadian Prairies 1910-1940 by Angela E. Davis

Y. Georg Lithman, Rick R. Riewe, Raymond E. Wiest and Robert E. Wriglen (editors), People and Land in Northern Manitoba by Robert Robson

David C. Woodman, Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony by Renée Fossett

Olive P. Dickason, First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times by Frieda Esau Klippenstein

Debra Lindsay (editor), The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Ornithology, Northern Correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution, 1856-68 by Greg Thomas

Graham A. MacDonald, A Good Solid Comfortable Establishment: An Illustrated History of Lower Fort Garry by David K. Hansen

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