Events in Manitoba History: Public Welfare Commission (1917-1920)

This commission, established by a special Act of the Manitoba Legislature on 9 March 1917, was intended to examine the state of public welfare institutions in Manitoba.

The following were its members:

Chair - Thomas Herman Johnson [Tómas Hermann Jónsson] (1870-1927)

Secretary - Alfred Percy Paget (1874-1960)

David Bruce Harkness (1872-1948)

Herbert James Symington (1881-1965)

Robert Forke (1860-1934)

Alvin Trotter Mathers (1888-1960)

Mr. J. M. Thompson

Walter J. Fulton (c1877-1949)

Mrs. L. B. Copeland (?-1918)

Ethel Johns (1870-1968)

Aleta Elizabeth Clement (c1876-1950)

Lillian Brown Halpenny (1877-1956)

See also:

MHS Archives: Clarke and Hincks Report to the Manitoba Public Welfare Commission (1919)


“New commission to work for reform of prisons in Manitoba,” Winnipeg Tribune, 11 October 1917, page 3.

Public Welfare Commission of Manitoba, First Interim Report (February 1918), Second Interim Report (February 1919), Third and Final Report (1920). [Manitoba Legislative Library, SpR 1917 Public Welfare]

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