Manitoba Business: Lake Bar Sand & Gravel Company

The Lake Bar Sand & Gravel Company Limited was incorporated via Letters Patent on 12 August 1921 and received its charter of incorporation under the Companies Act. Its founding partners were Frederick Maxwell Burbidge, David Lorne Bastedo, Herbert Andrews, John Kidd Bell, and Robert William Killey, with Burbidge, Bastedo, and Andrews serving as its first Directors. The initial capital stock was set at $250,000 and its offices were located on the banks of the Red River at the foot of Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg.

Its fleet included the steam-powered tugboats Majestic and Montgomery. Raw materials such as silica sand and gravel were collected from sites around Lake Winnipeg and brought to Winnipeg for distribution locally and across western Canada. Among the structures which that their products was the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Building (1927-1928). The company also conducted chartered freight operations along the Red River and Lake Winnipeg.

By June 1935, the company was in liquidation, with Phillips, Gemmill, and Smith handling the wrapup.







William James “Billy” Holmes (1871-1951)





William Henry Carter (1874-1962)


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