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Volume 36, No 1
October / November 2003


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Centennial Farms
Young Historians Awards
Rare Winnipeg Book Re-published
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Annual General Meeting Report
The Manitoba Historical Society Within the Community
MHS Fall Field Trip
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President's Message

For reasons unknown to me, I have always been interested in local and regional history. As a young student growing up in west Winnipeg, I found myself drawn to such sites as the St. James Historical Museum and Grant's Old Mill. I wanted to know the reason for some of the street names such as Best and communities such as Silver Heights. As I grew older, my curiosity expanded to the City of Winnipeg and to our province as a whole.

To satisfy some of these continuing questions, my wife and I set off on a couple of adventures while on holidays. The first being a historical guided walking tour of Brookside Cemetery. We were absolutely amazed to learn about the many famous, infamous and notorious people who have been buried throughout the years at the site. Muddy Waters Tours provides an excellent walk and adds much colour and excitement to the tour. I would suggest to any member of the Society who can handle the two-hour trek to participate. By the end of the tour, I am sure you will feel the same as us and only want more.

My wife and I also love visiting bed & breakfasts throughout the province as this is one of the best methods to explore the histories of local communities and their people. This past summer, we returned to the Boissevein area, staying at "Walkinshaw Place". This award-winning Victorian farmhouse was built in 1907 by Mr. John Renton Jr., a settler to the Deloraine area in 1880. The name "Walkinshaw Place" was provided in honour of C.A. Walkinshaw, the area's first forest reserve officer. Co-Host, Peter Albrecht was extremely helpful in supplying information and stories about the house, its previous inhabitants and the Turtle Mountain area. We also met some interesting folks from other parts of the province and North Dakota.

Driving north along Highway 10, our next destination was Riding Mountain National Park and finally Dauphin. It is here where we stayed at another b&b, "Sir Edgar".

Hosts, Elnora and Jim Houston were excellent, spoiling us with their friendly and warm conversation as well as their delicious breakfast. Again a heritage house, "Sir Edgar" is located in the heart of the "City of Sunshine". Our visit also included a tour of Fort Dauphin, where we experienced hands-on knowledge of the city and surrounding area. I was delighted in touring this museum as it provided me previously unknown information and stories about the district and some of the people who have made up our great province. These two residences will definitely see our return.

With bed and breakfasts becoming more popular in Manitoba, it a great way of connecting to an area's past. My wife and I plan to visit many more so we can gain a better understanding of our province's past glories and achievements and share them with the friends we meet along the way.

Enjoy the Season!
Steven Place

MHS Past Presidents' Dinner - Sept. 15, 2003

L-R: Alan Crossin, Margaret Morse, Joe Martin, Margaret Carter,
Céline Kear, Steven Place, Bill Fraser (photo by Allen Kear - click to enlarge)

New Members

Roselle Miko & Donald Proven
Shannon Stunden Bower
Suzanne Dunwoody


Dr. R. F. & Mrs. E. Friesen
Dr. H. & Dr. M.L. Duckworth
Estate of L. R. Buggey
Ruth & Brent Denham
Shirley K. Dickinson

Centennial Farms:

Arlene Rehaluk

In memory of Rose Brocki:

Miles Pepper
Jacqueline Friesen

In memory of Edwin Nix:

Jacqueline Friesen

MHS Dalnavert Visitor Center:

Robert M. Kozminski
3W Holdings Ltd.
Keystone Ford Sales Ltd.
Keystone Ford
Scotia Bank


Edwin Nix, a long-time MHS member, died on August 5 in Winnipeg at 96 years of age. He was born in Winnipeg's north end and attended Luxton School and St. John's High School. He was an active member of St. John's United Church and later St. James United Church. He was employed by Stovel Printers for over 45 years. He was a past president and honourary life member of the Canadian Association of Purchasing Agents. For ten years he represented MHS on the City of Winnipeg Historic Buildings Committee. He also volunteered for many years as a guide at Dalnavert Museum. He and his son, Paul, took part in many MHS banquets and field trips over the years. Ed's interest in the Society continued until his death. Last spring he donated a large amount of items to the Dalnavert Garage Sale.

Mary Rose Brocki, an active MHS member, died in Winnipeg on August 5. Rose was a graduate in home economics from the University of Manitoba. After working in the Dietetics Department at Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg, she taught home economics in Monroe Junior high, Miles Macdonell Collegiate and River East Collegiate, retiring in 1988. Rose was active supporter of many voluntary and philanthropic organizations including the Seven Oaks Hospital Foundation Board, the Holy Family Ladies Auxiliary and Concordia Hospital. She also volunteered at Polson Elementary School. In recent years Rose was active in MHS serving as a member of MHS Council, the Sir John A. Macdonald Dinner Committee and the 125th Anniversary Committee.

Catherine (Caye) Scott, a long-time MHS member and a descendent of the Selkirk Settlers, died in Winnipeg on August 24 at 96 years of age. After completing her high school education at the Portage la Prairie Collegiate Institute she obtained her teaching certificate at Brandon Normal School and degrees from the University of Manitoba. She taught in rural Manitoba at Edwin and Belmont and in several elementary and junior high schools in Winnipeg. She was the principal of Sir Sam Steel, Clifton and Weston schools. She was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, the University Women’s Club and many other organizations.

Esther Anderson Feilberg, an advocate for heritage in southeastern Manitoba, died on November 20, 2002 at Ste Anne at 86 years of age. She was born in Lundar, but grew up in McMunn. She compiled a community history book on East Braintree in 1990 and through her efforts secured the old Midwinter School as a Manitoba Heritage site. Thanks to Margaret Carter for this information.

Dalnavert News

This summer two of our students, Megan Collison and Emily Nesmith, were engaged in conducting research on wedding customs and public recreation in Winnipeg in the late 1900s. The information that they gathered has been added to the reference files that will enhance the interpretation of Dalnavert and its relationship to the late Victorian society that had developed in Winnipeg. Examples of the kind of information that they have identified include:

  • From Alan Artibises's Winnipeg: a Social History of Urban Growth, 1975: Popular athletics took the form of sleighing, snow shoeing, skating, cycling, cricket, horse racing, curling, canoeing, and rowing. The associations and clubs that had developed included: Winnipeg Rowing Club, Winnipeg Swimming Club, Winnipeg Cricket Association, Winnipeg Canoe Club, St. George's Snowshoe Club and St. Charles Country Club.
  • An excerpt from Town Topics of July 2, 1898 shows that weddings have not changed all that much in 100 years: "Marriage at All Saints" - Bride given away by her father, wore white corded silk embroidered in pearls and trimmed with puffing of chiffon, veil, orange blossoms. Bouquet: white roses. Bridesmaid wore dainty white and blue organdie muslin made over a blue foundation with a vest and sash of white silk and white hat with blue ribbon and black wings. Bouquet: pink roses. Service was choral with organ. Church decorated with palms, ferns. Flowers "suitable to the occasion" on altar."

Perhaps you may have heard that Canadian tourism was down this past summer. Although four out of five group tours cancelled during Folklarama Dalnavert was still able to end the summer ahead of last year by 7.8 percent. Like every other year the guest book illustrates the pleasure that people found in visiting one of Winnipeg's treasures.

The coupons redeemed as part of the provincial tourism promotion program "Travel Values Guide" clearly shows that many people were tending to stay closer to home this year (59.6% being Manitobans; another 27.7% were from either Minnesota or North Dakota).

The dates for this year's performance of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol were recently confirmed with Richard Hurst. The 15th year of performances will take place from Friday, December 12th to Sunday, December 21st, at 7:30 p.m. each evening. Tickets prices will remain at last years level at $12 each plus GST. Friends of Dalnavert members will be eligible to purchase their tickets for $10 each plus GST. Ticket reservations do not commence until October 1st and seats are on a rush basis. If you are thinking of coming to the show this year it is a wise decision to get your tickets early.

Other events that you should mark on your calendar would include the sixth Annual Needlework Fair and Market to be held at Dalnavert on Saturday, November 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. Come view a true Victorian home decorated for Christmas in the traditional manner and as well have an opportunity to purchase quality items produced in needle and thread by the Winnipeg Embroiders' Guild. Admission to Dalnavert is free for this event.

Also there will be on December 3 at 7:30 p.m. a presentation by the School of Scottish Arts on "Christmas and Hogmanay Traditions". Tickets for this presentation will be $15 and must be purchased in advance. Ticket reservations can be made by calling Dalnavert at 943-2835.

Dalnavert is dependent upon the generosity of many people who see a real value in supporting our work. In the past six months donations have been received from David and Rosemary Malaher, Louise Beatty, Audrey Thompson, Isabel Voelker, Sharron and Rick Sobey, Evelyn H.M.Sawyer, Ruth Palmour, Kathleen and Lorne Campbell Mrs. G.C. Oliver, Jacqueline and Gordon Friesen, Frederick Priest, Geraldine Robinson and Jean Gilson. Thank you.

Our condolences to Tim and Jean Worth on the death of Jean's mother, Isabel L. Martin on July 31, 2003 and the death of Tim's father, John Patrick Worth, on August 9, 2003.

Planning for the Dalnavert Visitor Center is still ongoing. Although it had been hoped that construction could commence by August 2003 it has been found that this very special structure will require a little more fundraising and now it is more likely that it will be in the spring of 2004. Won't it make a splendid 125th anniversary project for the Society?

Centennial Farms

Click here for an updated list of Centennial Farms.

Young Historians Awards 2003 (click photos to enlarge)

Level A
Grades 5,6,7

Research Paper

First Place (tie)
Student: Juliet Daet
Title: Louis Riel
Teacher: Laura Gentile, Holy Ghost School

First Place (tie)
Student: Amy Guenther
Title: The life and Times of Nellie McClung
Teacher: Bill Grant, St. Francois Xavier School

Second Place
Student: Keri Guenther
Title: The Winnipeg general strike 1919
Teacher: Bill Grant, St. Francois Xavier School

Third Place
Student: John Kim
Title: Gabriel Dumont
Teacher: Laura Gentile, Holy Ghost School

Honourable Mention
Student: Kaylee Laramee
Title: My hometown - St. Eustache
Teacher: Betty Ann Tiltman, St. Francois Xavier School

Family History

First Place
Student: Jennifer Friesen
Title: The history of my grandpa
Teacher: Betty Ann Tiltman, St. Francois Xavier School

Second Place
Student: Bradley Van Wyk
Title: My grandpa's life story
Teacher: Betty Ann Tiltman, St. Francois Xavier School

Third Place
Student: Michaela Jochum
Title: My Selkirk ancestors
Teacher: Bill Grant, St. Francois Xavier School

Historical Fiction

Student: Samantha Janssens
Title: Bye for now
Teacher: Ken Joyal, Deloraine Elementary School

Posters & Paintings

First Place
Student: Pawel Gacon
Title: The legend of the White Horse
Teacher: Laura Gentile, Holy Ghost School

Second Place
Student: Ariel Leyson
Title: Louis Riel and the Northwest Rebellion
Teacher: Laura Gentile, Holy Ghost School

Computer Project

Student: Quillan Leclerc
Title: Icelanders that moved to Manitoba
Teacher: Betty Ann Tiltman, St. Francois Xavier School

Level B
Grades 8,S1,S2

Research Paper

First Place
Student: Ashley Walus
Title: The Winnipeg general strike of 1919
Teacher: B. Lucas, St. Mary's Academy

Second Place
Student: Natalie Landry
Title: The trial of Louis David Riel: An unfair ordeal
Teacher: D. Nickel, St. Mary's Academy

Third Place (tie)
Student: Hilary Ramsey
Title: From oarsmen to women: The evolution of rowing in Winnipeg
Teacher: B. Lucas, St. Mary's Academy

Third Place (tie)
Student: Mai Ngvyen
Title: Discrimination of the Chinese in British Columbia
Teacher: B. Lucas, St. Mary's Academy

Family History

First Place
Student: Andrea Mrak
Title: Mrak journey to Canada
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Second Place
Student: Tracey Sokoloski
Title: Hardships of a refugee family
Teacher: M. Desaulniers, St. Mary's Academy

Third Place (tie)
Student: Lianne Denysuik
Title: Brian Denysuik's memoirs
Teacher: B. Lucas, St. Mary's Academy

Third Place (tie)
Student: Alexis Kozak
Title: The history of Ukrainians in Manitoba
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Honourable Mention
Student: Ellen Gervino
Title: My family history and immigration to western Canada
Teacher: M. Desaulniers, St. Mary's Academy

Historical Fiction

First Place
Student: Tatiana Murray
Title: The trial of the century
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Second Place
Student: Myléne Gamache
Title: The diary of a Métis girl (Renae Doucette)
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Third Place (tie)
Student: Kiran Dhillon
Title: Diary of an immigrant
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Third Place (tie)
Student: Andrea Berger & Susan Yamamoto
Title: Japanese internment diary
Teacher: D. Nickel, St. Mary's Academy

Posters & Paintings

First Place
Student: Brittany Dolynchuk
Title: Canada's mosaic
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Second Place
Student: Michelle Maryk
Title: History of Warehouse One: The Jean Store
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School


First Place
Student: Danielle Guénette
Title: Welcome to Saint Boniface
Teacher: D. Alexander / T. Friesen, Balmoral Hall School

Second Place
Student: Grade 8 class project - Grandview School
Title: History of Grandview video
Teacher: B. Grexton, Grandview School

Level C
Grades S3,S4

Research Paper

First Place
Student: Amanda L. Horn
Title: Winnipeg general strike 1919 - Labour's finest
Teacher: P. Bursa, Gordon Bell High School

Second Place
Student: Jennifer Dyck-Sprout
Title: History of mental health in western Canada: The Selkirk Mental Health Center
Teacher: D. Alexander, Balmoral Hall School

Third Place (tie)
Student: Beth Usiskin
Title: Jewish immigration and settlement
Teacher: W. Owen, St. John's Ravenscourt

Third Place (tie)
Student: Alexander Suen
Title: The very scum of China: Chinese immigration to Canada
Teacher: A. Levine, St. John's Ravenscourt

Family History

First Place
Student: Kyla Caners
Title: The history of Adam Dunlop
Teacher: D. Alexander, Balmoral Hall School

Second Place
Student: Vanessa Heron
Title: A family history
Teacher: D. Alexander, Balmoral Hall School

Third Place
Student: Leena Hasan
Title: Struggle for survival: Leena Hasan's family history
Teacher: D. Alexander, Balmoral Hall School

Historical Fiction

First Place
Student: Natalie James
Title: The great depression "On Da Bum"
Teacher: Ms. Rinn, St. Mary's Academy

Second Place
Student: Kristian D. E. Vigfusson
Title: Journal of one Dorsteinne Gunnlaugsson
Teacher: N. Gerrard, Arborg Collegiate

Third Place
Student: Carolyn Hancharyk
Title: Silent voices
Teacher: Mr. Swirksy, St. Mary's Academy


Honourable Mention
Student: Tara Chymy
Title: The flood of the century video interview
Teacher: T. Schmidt, West Kildonan Collegiate

Rare Winnipeg Book Re-published

The Winnipeg Rotary Club has re-published a book of early photographs of Winnipeg, with proceeds to benefit local literacy programs through facilities, collections and programs at Winnipeg's new Millennium Library.

The large-format, hardcover book, originally entitled "An Illustrated Souvenir of Winnipeg" was published in 1903 by Winnipeg commercial photographers William A. Martel & Sons. Copies sold for $2.00. It featured a short history of Winnipeg by James Elder Steen followed by over 600 photographs of buildings, streets, activities, and people of the growing city. The new edition, re-titled "Winnipeg: Images from a Century Ago" features all contents of the original, plus a new Preface by former Premier, The Honourable Duff Roblin, and an information page on Rotary Club. The photographs have been digitally enhanced so they are often better than the originals. The Winnipeg Free Press is coordinating printing.

"This remarkable book gives Winnipeggers an opportunity to see our city as it was during a period of spectacular growth. It documents a watershed moment in Winnipeg's development, as the City was becoming an important centre, not just in Manitoba, but in the entire Northwest," said Don Phillips, co-chair of The Rotary Clubs of Winnipeg Literacy Project.

Only a few copies of the original book were known to exist. One water-stained copy was discovered in the 1960s by the Saifer family in the basement of The New Occidental Hotel on Main Street. Early this year, Larry Saifer showed the restored family keepsake to Winnipeg businessman Charles Shore. He was fascinated and approached The Rotary Clubs of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Library Foundation with an idea to reprint it as a fundraising project with the proceeds to support literacy programs through the Millennium Library Foundation.

Heritage News

St. Mary's Academy, undated,
Winnipeg Tribune Collection, University of Manitoba
Libraries Archives and Special Collections - click to enlarge

St. Mary's Academy in Winnipeg celebrated its 100th anniversary in the present building on Wellington Crescent at Academy Road. A gala dinner took place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on October 1st.The Catholic girls school had two downtown locations before moving into its present building in the fall of 1903. At that time the academy had 57 day students, 148 Boarders and a staff of 27 nuns. Today the school has 535 students from grades 7 to 12. Much of the school's heritage has been preserved. School records, letters and photographs have been saved in the academy's archives.

La Société Historique de Saint-Boniface (SHSB) will hold its Centennial Banquet on Monday, October 27, 2003 at the Fort Garry Hotel Crystal Ballroom, 7th Floor. Cocktails are at 6 p.m. and the banquet is at 7:00 p.m. The guest speaker is His Excellency, John Ralston Saul. Tickets are $60. Contact SHSB at 233-4888.

The Orkney Islands in the Pier Arts Centre at Stromness was the site of a book launch of Undelivered Letters edited by Judith Hudson Beattie and Helen M. Buss on July 16. Judith Hudson Beattie reports that she met 80 people at the launch.

The 10th annual Gingras Day was held on August 9 at the Gingras Trading Post Historic Site near Walhalla, North Dakota. Festivities celebrated the times when the area was a centre for the Red River oxcart trade and the cultural centre for the Métis community. As part of the History Alive! Program an actor portrays the fur trader Antoine Gingras giving insights into the Red River oxcart fur trade of the mid 1800s. The program is sponsored by the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Bernice Still of Isabella for the past 25 years has been gathering photographs, artifacts and information on nearly 300 farm and rural houses and occupants in southwestern Manitoba. Most of the homes are found in Birtle, Hamiota and Virden and all over the R.M. of Miniota. Each home has been meticulously recorded with photographs, hand-drawn floor plans and information she collected from interviews with local residents. Some of the homes are no longer standing and Bernice Still's collection is the only source of information on them.

St. Peter's Dynevor Old Stone Church, which was built between 1852 and 1854 and restored, from its bell tower to its floorboards, was rededicated on September 9th at a ceremony with descendants of chief Peguis in attendance. Private donations and $270,000 from the Canada Manitoba Economic Partnership covered the $480,000 cost of the project.

The Plum in Souris celebrated its 120th anniversary on August 13. Special attractions included new historical exhibits, storytelling, a plaque unveiling and refreshments.

The 100 year old St. John’s Anglican Church in Elgin was deconsecrated on August 16. The building is unstable and costs to repair it are prohibitive. The church will be demolished. The stain glass windows will become the property of St. George’s Anglican Church, Brandon.

The Virden Pioneer Home Museum Day was bigger and better than ever this year. The 30th annual Museum Day on August 8th opened at 11 a.m. with a hotdog lunch. There were classic cars to see (courtesy of the Elkhorn Auto Museum), demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts and a stage for live music and entertainment. Scottish music and dancing added to the fun. Children could listen to stories read to them in the children’s area or enjoy the live music and dancing. Goats that were penned at the back of the museum yard were also an attraction. The hotdog barbecue and period portraits raised money for the museum. For the portraits, people were dressed in period costume and photographed. About 200 people visited the museum during the day.

Morris Predinchuk, former owner of Morris Studios in Brandon from 1976 to 2000, has donated over 30,000 negatives and about 2000 proofs to Daly House Museum in Brandon. Most of the pictures are of weddings. The photos are available at the museum. A 19-page finding aid lists the names of people in the pictures, the date the photos were taken, and the number of proofs, if any.

Ukrainian Catholic Church at Keld
(photo by Anne MacVicar) - click to enlarge

Churches throughout Manitoba are celebrating their centennials. The Ukrainian Catholic Church at Keld celebrated its 100th anniversary on July 12. St Elie Romanian Orthodox Church at Lennard celebrated its 100th anniversary on the August long weekend.

The Manitoba Museum's new $4.1 million addition Parkland/Mixed Woods Gallery opened to the public on September 20th. The new gallery recreated the snake pits of Narcisse, the salt springs near Winnipegosis, and the Spirit Sands near Carberry. Other memorable exhibits are an archeology wall with aboriginal artifacts depicting 12,000 years of history, a fishing boat, a 1940s Métis kitchen, and a hands-on exhibit, the Diversity Tree. Some of the best known manufactured products of southern and central Manitoba are also on display.

The Carillon reports that more than 14,000 people participated Pioneer Days at the Mennonite Heritage Village at Steinbach on the August long weekend. A variety of events helped attract new audiences. New events included book launches, readings, drama and music in addition to traditional pioneer demonstrations, Mennonite food, and events organized by the Southeast Draft Horse Association, Southeast Antique tractor club and Steam Club '71. The good attendance brought needed revenue to the museum. Planning is now beginning for next year's 40th anniversary celebrations.

The Unitarian Church in Winnipeg will sponsor a slide presentation by George Erickson, author of the recent best-seller, True North, on Saturday, October 4 at 603 Wellington Crescent. Tickets are: Adults $15.00, 16 and under $7.50 (includes dessert & beverage). Contact Kris or Ruth Breckman, 832-5910 ( or Steve Lennon, 781-6549.

Annual General Meeting Report

At the Society's Annual General Meeting, held in Gimli on 31 May 2003, our Constitution was amended to make wording and job responsibilities clearer in a number of areas. The notable changes were as follows:

  • The name of the Society, which was originally the "Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba," was changed to "Manitoba Historical Society" for consistency with our Act of Incorporation assented in 1994.
  • A new "youth/student" membership category was created to encourage young people to become members.
  • The MHS Council nominating committee was determined as being the Past President and three other members, to be created at least one week before the AGM.
  • The composition of the MHS Council now consists of the Executive Committee, the Chair of each Society committee, and three Members-at-Large elected at the Annual General Meeting, plus the last three Presidents of the Society regardless of their residence location.
  • The title of "Member-at-Large / Executive Museums Liaison" on the Executive Committee was changed to "Museums Liaison" for consistency with the separation of management committees for Ross House and Dalnavert Museums.
  • The position of "Executive Director," which has not existed for several years, was replaced by "Office Manager."
  • The signing authority for Society accounts was modified to consist of any two members of the Executive, or any one member of the Executive and one of the Office Manager, Dalnavert Curator, or Ross House Manager.

The Manitoba Historical Society Within the Community (by Steven Place)

The 124th anniversary of our Society is a milestone that is to be shared with the partnership and collaborative efforts we have had over the years with different groups and associations.

During the month of September, the Manitoba Historical Society has shared its resources, expertise and passions with the following groups:

Heritage Canada Foundation

During the weekend of September 18-20, the Heritage Canada Foundation held its Annual Conference in Winnipeg at the Hotel Fort Garry.

The Manitoba Historical Society was asked to showcase Dalnavert as an off-site location for one of its workshops. Diane Switzer from Heritage Vancouver held a wonderful and educational seminar on heritage volunteers. Her insight on this issue was an asset to those delegates who attended as well as our Society for years to come. In addition, attendees were provided a tour of the museum.

The Manitoba Historical Society, in partnership with the Heritage Canada Foundation, also nominated and presented an Achievement Award to La Maison Gabrielle-Roy Corporation of St. Boniface for its elegant restoration of the birthplace of one of our country's literacy icons. This award was presented by our Society's Patron, His Honour, Peter Liba, Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba.

Winnipeg Real Estate Board

Over the years, the Manitoba Historical Society has been involved with the historical research of inductees to the Winnipeg Real Estate Board's Walk of Fame, located in Assiniboine Park.

MHS member, Sam Loschiavo has done an invaluable job on providing solid information of the past lives of the inductees. Though Sam has enjoyed the challenge of researching each person, we are currently seeking a new individual to fill his position and continue this rewarding partnership.

The Manitoba Historical Society has been involved in this process for many years and we need to continue our participation and contribution in the acknowledgement of special individuals who have displayed exemplary dedication to improving the lives of the citizenry of Winnipeg.

MHS Fall Field Trip (click photos to enlarge)

On the green roof at Oak Hammock
Marsh Interpretive Center

Lake Manitoba beach at
Delta Marsh Field Station

Walking through the marsh at St. Ambroise

Gordon Goldsborough makes
a presentation

Mallard Lodge, Delta Marsh Field Station

An interested audience
hears presentation

Contributions to the MHS Library

  • Nellie Remembers the Way it Was by Anastasia (Nellie Mymko) Drosdowech
  • The Blackwells - Manitoba Pioneers by Vera J. Pybus
  • First House Calls - A Northern Diary, 1943 by W. J. Friesen
MHS YouTube Channel

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