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Dalnavert Visitors Centre

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New Programming

The Dalnavert Visitors Centre and Museum will host a comprehensive series of new programs designed to appeal to a diverse range of visitors and interests:

School programs

Evelyn's Party

K to grade 1

The Yesteryear Sleuth

Grades 2 to 3

Mrs. Mac's Feast

Grades 4 to 6

Separation Anxiety

Grades 6 to S4

A Question of Schools

Grades 6 to S4

A Victorian Valentine

K to grade 6

A Victorian Garden

K to grade 6

Public programs

A Child's Place
Keeping Warm, Staying Cool
First Comes Love
Rescuing Dalnavert
Through the Looking Glass
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Woman's Work: Never Done
Please Pass the Pickle Tongs
How Hugh John Came to Winnipeg
Passing Time in Winnipeg

Public lectures

Restoring Those Older Homes
How Can I Learn About My House?
How Did They Make It?
How Can I Repair It?
Aesthetics of the Victorian Garden
Heritage Seeds and Plants
Fountains and Follies
The Other Side of the Tracks
Pure Clean Water
Demon Rum and Teetotalers
Women Get the Vote

Wheeler exhibit to debut at new Visitors Centre

Charles H. Wheeler (1838-1917) is perhaps most remembered for his life-long interest in the performing arts of early Winnipeg. As a columnist for the Winnipeg Tribune in the days before radio and television, the "Grand Old Man" reflected on the city's cultural development in the realms of music and drama. Less well known is that Wheeler made his living as an architect, designing several of Winnipeg's prominent public buildings, including Holy Trinity Anglican Church at the corner of Donald and Graham (1884), and the Galt Warehouse in the Exchange District (1887). He also designed private residences, among them Dalnavert, which was built for Sir Hugh John Macdonald in 1895.

So it is entirely appropriate that, when the Dalnavert Visitors Centre opens in Spring 2005, the inaugural public exhibit will feature the life and times of Charles Wheeler. This exhibit will be developed in collaboration with Giles Bugailiskis, Senior Heritage Planner for the City of Winnipeg and noted Wheeler expert. The exhibit will include illustrations and samples of Wheeler's work, as well as biographical details on Wheeler and his family. The exhibit will be opened by a reception and presentation on Wheeler's cultural and architectural legacy to Western Canada.

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