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With One Voice: A History of Municipal Governance in Manitoba

by Gordon Goldsborough

for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities
November 2008
ISBN 978-0-9811311-0-8
Hardcover, 176 pp 11 x 9

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Local governments provide the facilities and services that each of us use on a daily basis. They are responsible for ensuring that our faucets deliver clean water, the sewers take away our wastes, and garbage and recyclables are collected. They build and maintain our roads, operate our libraries, protect us from fire and crime, and in bygone days, they equipped our schools and hospitals. No wonder that villages, towns, cities and rural municipalities have been described as “the most important level of government.”

With One Voice describes over 100 years in the history of Manitoba from a municipal perspective, covering such topics as daylight saving time, income and property taxes, rural electrification, the war waged on gophers and other animal pests in farm fields, the colour of margarine (it was not always yellow!), and video lottery terminals. Woven through the story are sidebar articles on the history of parking meters, pioneering women in politics, Manitoba ghost towns, Sunday shopping, and much more. With One Voice is, quite literally, a history of everyday life in Manitoba.

With One Voice: A History of Municipal Governance in Manitoba was published in fall 2008 by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, in commemoration of its tenth anniversary, and launched at a ceremony at its annual convention.

“But this little piggy had none!”
Winnipeg Tribune, 25 August 1947

The Author

Gordon Goldsborough is a member of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba. He is a water quality specialist concerned with the impacts of humans on lakes and wetlands. He is the Chair of the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board, a member of the Manitoba Water Council, and a representative for Canada on the International Joint Commission’s International Red River Board.

Besides his scientific interests, Goldsborough is involved in the Manitoba heritage community, being the Webmaster and a Past President of the Manitoba Historical Society, an editor of Manitoba History magazine, and a member of the Management Committee for Dalnavert Museum.

Library Catalogue Data

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Goldsborough, Gordon, 1959-
With one voice : a history of municipal governance in Manitoba / Gordon Goldsborough for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities

Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-0-9811311-0-8

1. Municipal government--Manitoba--History. 2. Municipal services--Manitoba--History. 3. Manitoba--History. I. Association of Manitoba Municipalities II. Title.

JS1721.M3G65 2008

More Information

For more information, please contact:

Association of Manitoba Municipalities
1910 Saskatchewan Avenue West
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba R1N 0P1
Telephone: 204-857-8666

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