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The Manitoba Restoration & Conservation Directory features construction tradespeople, architects, consultants, and material suppliers who are available to support heritage conservation and restoration projects in Manitoba. By compiling and distributing this Directory as a public service, the Manitoba Historical Society does not endorse the people and companies in it and will not be held responsible for the quality of materials and work.

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We provide restoration of heritage sites, adaptive reuse of heritage sites and additions or alterations to heritage buildings. We are an eighteen person firm that focuses on the revitalization of heritage buildings and heritage sites. Our office is at 678 Main Street at Higgins and Main in the former Dominion Bank.

Heritage Projects

Dalnavert Visitors Centre and Repairs, Dalnavert Museum (61 Carlton Street, Winnipeg)
Dome and Great Hall Restoration, A. A. Heaps Building (254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg)
Accessible Ramp / Bronze Vestibule Structure Restoration, Legislature Building (450 Broadway, Winnipeg)
Statue Restoration within Legislature Precinct (Winnipeg)
Dominion Bank Building (678 Main Street, Winnipeg)
Duck Pond / Asiatic Lion Pavillion at Assiniboine Park Zoo (Winnipeg)
Courtroom 221, Law Courts Building (391 Broadway, Winnipeg)
Dundurn Castle (Hamilton, ON) / Historic Fort York (Toronto, ON)

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678 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1E4






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