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Commercial Intercourse with Minnesota

Manitoba Pageant, Winter 1967, Volume 12, Number 2

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From The Nor'Wester

Every year witnesses a closer commercial relationship between this Settlement and the State of Minnesota. From the day when they first became alive to the real worth of the Red River trade, the Americans have been untiring in their endeavors to break down the barriers to commerce which they found dividing the two countries. The navigation of the Red River by steam, and the increased frequency of the land communication, alike bear witness to their success. That success is in the main due to Mr. Burbank, [1] by whose unaided efforts the Anson Northup has been placed and maintained on the river at great expense and in the face of many discouragements. But Mr. Burbank is not the only friend of the Settlement resident on the other side of the line. Mr. J. W. Taylor, [2] another citizen of St. Paul, has exerted himself as actively as any man in making the North-West Territory better known abroad. As many of our readers remember, Mr. Taylor last autumn visited this Settlement, commissioned by the Governor of Minnesota to institute enquiries affecting the joint interests of the two countries. We have received Mr. Taylor's report, which has been communicated to the State Legislature and printed. Although presenting nothing absolutely new, it affords very agreeable evidence of the interest felt in our progress and the extended appreciation of our resources. We have good reasons for liking our Southern neighbours.


1. J. C. Burbank of St. Paul.

2. Later American Consul at Winnipeg 1870-1893.

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