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The Confederation of the Provinces

Manitoba Pageant, Autumn 1964, Volume 10, Number 1

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From The Nor'Wester, 17 October 1864:

The proposed Confederation of the British North American Provinces is a subject which continues to be actively discussed by the people of Canada and the Lower Provinces. We have already made our readers acquainted with some of the views taken of the scheme in Canada, where it appears to be engrossing the attention of politicians of every stripe, and where it is being discussed through the Press with consider-able ability. This preliminary canvass of the question - this viewing it from all sides, and careful study of its merits and demerits - will, no doubt, be productive of good. It will tend to the framing of a comprehensive measure of union, by which all the interests of British North America may be materially advanced ...

We, in Rupert's Land, look forward to the issue with no little interest; for, though we send no delegate there, the present and future position of this vast section of country will, we believe, enter into the discussions. The Canadian delegates will treat of the subject, but in a very secondary way. The wishes of their own constituents must be first and fully attended to, and hence the amount of consideration which the interests of Red River or Rupert's Land will receive at their hands is likely to be very small. The future of this land will have a share in the discussions, but, under these circumstances, it may be just such a share as we would not covet.

It is to be regretted that this should be the case. Red River ought to have had its representative or representatives at the Conventions. As it is, we are voiceless at a most critical juncture, when our fellow-colonists on this continent are putting their heads together to devise the best means for strengthening themselves and bettering their position and prospects.

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