MHS Centennial Organization: St. Paul’s Anglican Church

In 1890, the first Anglican service in the Dauphin area was held in a log church at the now ghost-town of Gartmore, located about two miles south of the present Dauphin town site. It was named St. Paul’s Church. Four years later, residents of Old Dauphin (rather ingloriously known as Dogtown, and situated about one mile north of “new” Dauphin) built a frame church known as All Saints. When the Canadian Northern Railway reached the region in 1896 and the present town site was confirmed, All Saints was moved to it and became St. Paul’s while St. Paul’s at Gartmore was moved into town to be used as the Parish Hall. In 1889, needing more space, the parishioners built a third church which served until the present structure was constructed between 1913 and 1914. It has undergone major structural renovations in the past few years. In 2000, St. Paul’s was amalgamated with parishes at Kinosota, McCreary, Gilbert Plains, and Grandview, forming a new parish administered by the South Parkland Anglican Joint Council.

An MHS Centennial Organization Award was presented to St. Paul’s Anglican Church on 28 April 2007.

Page revised: 15 May 2011