MHS Centennial Organization: St. Johns Lawn Bowling Club

St. Johns Lawn Bowling Club, 28 September 1918
Source: Foote Collection, Archives of Manitoba

The St. Johns Law Bowling Club is the oldest lawn bowling club in the city of Winnipeg, having been organized in 1904 on greens located at the corner of Machray Avenue and Aikens Street. It occupied this site until 1951 when the site, which had been rented to the Club by a holding company, was sold to the Maple Leaf Curling Club. The Club relocated to St. John’s Park, where it remains to the present day. The bowlers through the years have participated in numerous competitions, tournaments, and novelty events, with visits to rival clubs at Port Arthur, Fort Francis, Minnedosa, and Brandon. Uniting with the St. John’s Ladies Afternoon Lawn Bowling Club in 1951 to become a mixed club, which it remains to this day. For a century of fellowship and good sportsmanship, the Manitoba Historical Society recognizes the St. Johns Lawn Bowling Club as a Centennial Organization.

An MHS Centennial Organization Award presented by Lieutenant-Governor John Harvard, Jacqueline Friesen, and Gordon Goldsborough on 3 April 2005.

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