Manitoba History: Number 41, Spring/Summer 2001

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The Oldest Profession in Winnipeg: The Culture of Prostitution in the Point Douglas Segregated District, 1909-1912 by Rhonda L. Hinther

Crossing Western Canada by Car, 1925 by Rosemary Malaher

Winnipeg Ranchers: Gordon, Ironsides and Fares by A. B. McCullough

Documents and Archives:
Glimpses of Manitobas Past Through Three Undelivered Letters
by Judith Beattie

Review Essay:
Can You Trust It: The View From Here and the WAG Canadian Collection as Historical Documents by Gerald Friesen

Frances Russell, Mistehay Sakahegan: The Great Lake, the Beauty and Treachery of Lake Winnipeg and Jake Macdonald (editor), The Lake: An Illustrated History of Manitobas Cottage Country by Jim Blanchard

The Oberholtzer Foundation, Toward Magnetic North: The Oberholtzer-Magee 1912 Canoe Journey to Hudson Bay by Patrick Carroll

J. Alan Hackett, Manitoba Links: A Kaleidoscopic History of Golf by Morris Mott

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