Manitoba History: Number 13, Spring 1987

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Interior of the James Avenue Pumping Station, Winnipeg

Source: Didier Delahaye

“Better Tractors for Less Money”: The Establishment of Canadian Co-operative Implements Limited by Ian MacPherson

The Victorian Family in Canada in Historical Perspective: The Ross Family of Red River and the Jarvis Family of Prince Edward Island by J. M. Bumsted and Wendy Owen

Remembering Lady Selkirk by Hubert G. Mayes

Cityscapes: Firewater - The James Avenue Pumping Station by Sheila Grover

Historical Tour: A Trip Through Time in Transcona by Terry Patterson

The Young Historian: February 19, 1942: If Day by Michael Newman

Documents and Archives: The Bracken Collection at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba

Site Review: Politics and Discourse: A Review of “1919: The Winnipeg General Strike: A Driving and Walking Tour” by Lyle Dick


P. B. Waite, The Man from Halifax: Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister by J. E. Rea

Ronald Hamowy, Canadian Medicine: A Study in Restricted Entry by Barry Edington

E. Ross Stuart, The History of Prairie Theatre: The Development of Theatre in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 1833-1982 by Carol Budnick

Russell Doern, The Battle over Bilingualism: The Manitoba Language Question, 1983-85 by Donald A. Bailey

Doug Smith, Let Us Rise! An Illustrated History of the Manitoba Labour Movement by Jim Pringle

Nelson Wiseman, Social Democracy in Manitoba: A History of the CCF/NDP by Henry Huber

Desmond Morton, A Military History of Canada by Peter Brown

Jean Barman, Yvonne Herbert and Don McCaskill (editors), Indian Education in Canada, Volume 1: The Legacy by Katherine Pettipas

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