Manitoba History: Number 11, Spring 1986

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Party of women who emigrated to Manitoba under auspices of The Salvation Army, August 1922

Source: Archives of Manitoba

Women in Manitoba History

Introduction by Mary Kinnear

"The Reputation of a Lady": Sarah Ballenden and the Foss-Pelly Scandal by Sylvia Van Kirk

The Grey Nuns and the Red River Settlement by Sister Marie Bonin

The Performing Arts as a Field of Endeavour for Winnipeg Women, 1870-1930 by Carol Budnick

Mary Riter Hamilton: Manitoba Artist 1873-1954 by Angela E. Davis

Women and the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 by Mary Horodyski

"The Most Humane Institution in All the Village": The Womens Rest Room in Rural Manitoba by Donna Norell

Documents and Archives: Archival Resources for Womens History in Manitoba by Vera Fast

Site Review: The Womans Sphere: Domestic Life at Riel House and Dalnavert by Sarah Carter

Cityscapes: Asile Ritchot, St. Norbert by Sheila Grover

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