Manitoba History: Number 4, 1982

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At Silver Heights, 1931
by Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald

Source: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

The Manitoba Historical Society: A Centennial History
by Gerald A. Friesen

Laying the Ground: The Establishment of an Artistic Milieu in Winnipeg, 1890-1913
by Angela E. Davis

An Interview with Manitoba’s New Provincial Archivist, Mr. Peter Bower
by Sharon Babaian

An Interview with Mr. Emil Michaels
by Stella Hryniuk

Famous Places: Federal Historic Sites in Manitoba
by Sharon Babaian

A Note on the Destruction of Upper Fort Garry
by John Selwood

Famous Faces
by John D. Ingram

Manitoba Photographic Workshop
by Jean Goldie

From the Ladies Auxiliary to the Mennonite Village Museum, Steinbach, Manitoba
by Jessie Neufeld

The Young Historian: An Interview with John Ingram: Winnipeg Students Debate History
by Sharon Babaian


Patrick A. Dunae, Gentlemen Emigrants from the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier
by Carl Berger

Russell Doern, Wednesdays are Cabinet Days: A Personal Account of the Schreyer Administration
by Donald Swainson

Douglas Owram, Promise of Eden: Expansionist Movement and the Idea of the West, 1856-1900
by D. N. Sprague

D. J. Hall, Clifford Sifton. Volume One: The Young Napoleon, 1861-1900
by Lovell Clark

John Macoun, Autobiography of John Macoun Canadian Explorer and Naturalist
by Doug Owram

David Jay Bercuson and Phillip A. Buckner, eds., Eastern and Western Perspectives
by Ramsay Cook

Clarence L. Barber and John C. P. McCallum, Unemployment and Inflation: The Canadian Experience
by Brian L. Scarfe

William E. Lass, Minnesota’s Boundary with Canada: Its Evolution Since 1783
by Francis M. Carroll

Gerhard Wiebe (translated by Helen Janzen), Cause and History of the Emigration of the Mennonites from Russia to America
by Henry C. Klassen

Jean Murray Cole, Exile in the Wilderness: The Life of Chief Factor Archibald McDonald, 1790-1853
by N. J. Fredrickson

Evelyn Eager, Saskatchewan Government: Politics and Pragmatism
by Murray Donnelly

J. Rick Ponting and Roger Gibbons, Out of Irrelevance: A Socio-political Introduction to Indian Affairs in Canada
by Noel Dyck

Warren Caragata, Alberta Labour: A Heritage Untold
by Glen Makahonuk

Grant MacEwan, Illustrated History of Western Canadian Agriculture
by Lyle Dick

Beth Light and Veronica Strong-Boag, True Daughters of the North
by Mary Kinnear

H. Clare Pentland, Labour and Capital in Canada 1650-1860
by Mel Watkins

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