Manitoba History: Number 2, 1981

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Victoria Beach, Fall 1979 by Stan Pommer

The Quest for a Usable Founder: Lord Selkirk and Manitoba Historians, 1856-1923 by J. M. Bumsted

Remembrances of the Great War: The Next-of-Kin Monument in Winnipeg by Marilyn Baker

Flour Milling at Red River: Wind, Water and Steam by Barry Kaye

An Interview with Fred McGuinness by Gerald A. Friesen

Lake Winnipeg: The Film Version by Gene Walz

The Young Historian: Head, Heart, Hands & Health: 4-H in Manitoba by Lorna Andrews

Documents and Archives:

Odyssey of Mary Christie edited by W. J. Fraser

University of Manitoba Archives by Barry Potyondi


Contexts of Canada's Past: Selected Essays of W. L. Morton, With an Introduction by A. B. McKillop by Allan Smith

George Woodcock, The Canadians by Lovell Clark

Charles M. Sutyla, The Finnish Sauna in Manitoba by Zita McRobbie-Utasi

Georgina Binnie-Clark, Wheat and Women by N. J. Fredrickson

F. L. Dickinson, Prairie Wheat by Ken Norell

Ian Getty and Donald B. Smith (eds.), One Century Later Western Canadian Reserve Indians Since Treaty 7 by John Milloy

Lynne Sussman, Spode/Copeland Transfer-Printed Patterns Found at 20 Hudson's Bay Company Sites by Virginia G. Berry

Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archeology and History #21 by John Jennings

Elinor Barr and Betty Dyck, Ignace: A Saga of the Shield by John M. Reid, MP

Rhoda R. Gilman, Carolyn Gilman & Deborah M. Stultz, The Red River Trails: Oxcart Routes Between St. Paul and the Selkirk Settlement, 1820-1870 by Henry C. Klassen

Maria Tippett, Emily Carr: A Biography by A. B. McKillop

News and Reports:

Historic Conservation Policy

Ross House: A Manitoba Historical Society Museum by Sheila Grover

Dalnavert - Macdonald House Museum by Tim Worth

A Memorial to the Life of Dr. William Lewis Morton 1908-1980 by W. Steward Martin

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