MHS Archives: Finding Aids

There are several excellent documents on Manitoba history which are underused because it is hard to find specific information in them. The following finding aids are offered in the hope they will make these documents more useful.

If you wish to contribute a finding aid, please contact the MHS webmaster.

Manitoba School Library Association Archival Report (2013) by Gerald R. Brown
This report summarizes work done by the author in 2012 to document the archival materials of the association.

A Bibliography of Manitoba Local History

A Bibliography of Manitoba Local History, Second Edition (1989)
Christopher Hackett, editor
This book contains listings of subjects and places mentioned in local history books published in Manitoba up to 1989.

Person index for "A History of Portage la Prairie and Surrounding District"
(Adobe Acrobat file, 124kb, Updated: 20 October 2003)
Anne M. Collier, 1970
This book contains extensive historical information on the town of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and the surrounding areas to 1970. This is a 27-page index to all people mentioned in the book.

Person index for "The Tread of the Pioneers"
(Adobe Acrobat file, 125kb, Updated: 20 October 2003)
Joseph H. Metcalfe, Portage la Prairie and District Old-Timers' Association, 1932
This book contains biographies of early white settlers (circa 1870 to 1932) and information on development of the area around the town of Portage la Prairie in south-central Manitoba. This is a 29-page index to all people mentioned in the book.

Person list for "Manitobans As We See 'Em, 1908 and 1909"
(Adobe Acrobat file, 26kb, Updated: 20 October 2003)
Newspaper Cartoonists Association of Manitoba, 1910
This slim book contains 213 pen-and-ink caricatures of prominent Manitoba citizens in the first few years of the 20th century, done by two political cartoonists for Winnipeg newspapers. The drawings were not presented in any apparent order and the pages were not numbered. This is a 2-page list to all people included in the book.

More information on this book is available here.

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