Manitoba History Puzzles

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The Dalnavert puzzles are provided as a fun exercise. Some of the answers will become clear following a visit to Dalnavert Museum, as the subject matter is dealt with during our interpreted tours. Please contact the museum to find out when tours are available.

Dalnavert Word Search (English)
(88 Kb)
The aim is to locate all the words, included in the list, within the scrambled word puzzle. Some letters may be used more than once and the words can be read backwards, diagonally, or in regular order.

La Fouille des mots de Dalnavert (en Francais)
(90 Kb)
Le but de cet exercise est de trouver tous let mots, inclus ci-dessous dans la liste, à l'intérieur du jeu de mots brouillés. Quelques letters s'utilisent plus d'une fois, et les mots se lisent à rebours, diagonalement ou dans l'ordre ordinaire.

Dalnavert Crossword Puzzle (English)
(75 Kb)

(79 Kb)

Le jeu de mots croisés de Dalnavert (en Francais)
(77 Kb)

(81 Kb)