Manitoba Organization: Winnipeg Dairymen’s Association / Excelsior Dairy Society / Greater Winnipeg Excelsior Dairymen’s Association

Before 1914, Winnipeg consumers often favoured imported dairy products because they could not be assured of quality from local producers. In 1914, cream-grading standards were introduced and, during the following year, Manitoba dairies produced 10 million pounds of butter and 727,000 pounds of cheese. The Winnipeg Dairymen’s Association (WDA) was formed in 1922 in response to a new city by-law. Its objectives were to help maintain standards of cleanliness in dairy operation and the quality of raw milk, support City of Winnipeg Health Department inspectors, and represent dairy farmers in the Winnipeg area. By 1937, dairies were producing 34 million pounds of butter and 300,000 pounds of cheese annually.

The Greater Winnipeg Excelsior Dairymen’s Association (GWEDA) was formed in 1937 by the merger of the WDA and the Excelsior Dairy Society. As of 1938, one-third of the milk consumed in Winnipeg was raw, representing 120 producer-distributors, 5,000-6,000 cows, and 800 workers, all within a 10-mile radius from the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street. While most dairy operations were smaller herds of around 30 animals, about a dozen were larger operations of around 100 head of cattle. At this time, the GWEDA represented 90% of dairy farmers in the area.





Robert Jefferson (1871-1929)


E. R. Tailleur


Rene Van Walleghem


A. G. Gobert




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