MHS Centennial Organization: Whiteshell Baptist Church

In 1897, a group of German Baptist families emigrated from Russia to Manitoba, attracted by promises of reasonably priced land and religious freedom. The group moved to the Whitemouth District of eastern Manitoba, where they took up farming. To fulfill their need for fellowship and worship, they gathered together in homes but, as their numbers grew, the need for a formal building was felt. So, in 1902, a church was built between Whitemouth and River Hills on land donated by a member of the congregation. It was named the First German Baptist Church of Whitemouth. The church joined the North American Baptist Conference in 1906 with 57 charter members. By 1958, the need to replace the original church building led to the 1961 construction of a new building in Seven Sisters Falls. Since it was now located in the Whiteshell area, its name became Whiteshell Baptist Church. Regrettably, many of the early church records have been lost so now, in 2006, the congregation is working actively to locate whatever information, photographs, and records it can, in time for celebrations planned for this June and July.

An MHS Centennial Organization Award was presented by President Gordon Goldsborough to the Mr. Ray Henschell, Chair of the Church’s Centennial Committee, on 23 April 2006.

Page revised: 15 May 2011