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Manitoba Organization: Hoof and Horn Club

Formed in 1919, the members of the Hoof and Horn Club included merchants, shippers, farmers, ranchers, packers, railwaymen, administrators, and others with livestock interests. Some members were connected with the Winnipeg Livestock Exchange, though the club largely became the social auxiliary arm of the Union Stockyards in St. Boniface. During the first decade, club membership was around 150 then increased to 200 by 1935, and 300 by 1937. The club hosted an large annual picnic, during which the trading elements of the Stockyards were closed, and it fielded a variety of sports teams, including football, softball, curling, and soccer, often in the Mercantile League.

As a 1967 Canadian centennial project to celebrate the livestock industry, the club erected a monument and statue of a large Hereford bull in front of the Exchange Building at the Union Stockyards.







W. McGougan


William Edgar McKay




Norman James Ross




Herbert Laurence “Bert” Mansell (1892-1963)




George Edward “Ted” Cormode (?-1999)


James Henry Gibson (?-1976)

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