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Jack Houston’s Editorials in the OBU Bulletin: 30 August 1919

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About Protesting

Our eight are still in jail, and we are abjured by some to protest.

Protest? To whom brothers? Also how?

Should we tell the committee, representing the interests of Canada at Ottawa, that we are not their crudités? Or shall we tell them that we won’t play?

Happy thought. We might try sending the office boy round with a note to the Government agent setting forth our grievance!

We would rather expect the womenfolk of the prisoners to importune as to what we are going to do about it-incidentally they are not doing so—but it is ill becoming a “revolutionist” to whine.

Our comrades will be released as soon as the authorities recognize their mistake and not before. If our rulers conceive that it be to the best interests of a property based society to keep them in jail until their trial, then in jail they will stay.

Never before in Canada have we had such a plain demonstration of the ethics of up-to-date capitalism. The lesson for the workers is as plain as a pikestaff. Even the office boy has developed an inkling of the situation and daily enquires if we think that the redcoats will take him too. The office cat left sometime ago.

Anyway if you have any squealing to do you will get no assistance here, so please stay away. Go out into your backyard and kick yourself!

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